Paintings over the internet? Why not!

Although I have no painting talent myself, I’m pretty much in love with visual arts. Some people consider paintings outdated. My boyfriend, for instance, doesn’t get the point of spending money for a piece of canvas to hang on the wall. He says it is a waste of funds 🙂 But I talked him into buying a few paintings anyway 🙂 It might not be immediately obvious, but small things like this help to create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home.

You will never guess where I bought the last picture. In the internet! I wasn’t actually even looking for it. I was just surfing the web and there it was, shining at me from the screen of my computer 🙂 At first, I thought it was some famous painting from the last century or something, but the author turned out to be a contemporary artist. His name is Leonid Afremov. If you never heard of him, you should definitely visit his online gallery! Let me mention just a couple of reasons why you should do it:

  • You’ve NEVER seen so colorful paintings! Believe me! The colors are so vibrant and rich they almost seem to be alive!
  • I was also amazed by the artist’s style. His paintings aren’t even remotely similar to landscapes and portraits by other famous painters. Bold, swishing strokes, blurred outlines, whirling lights and incredible texture visible even on the screen… This is brilliant!
  • At the same time, the message of Leonid’s paintings is pretty simple – enjoy life, enjoy the surrounding world, love and be loved! I guess we all can relate to that 🙂

When I saw Afremov’s paintings for the first time, I immediately wanted to buy one! But my boyfriend made a real scene! He said it’s likely some sort of an internet scam and we would only make fools of ourselves 🙂 It took me quite a while to persuade him that it’s highly unlikely a renowned artist like Leonid Afremov has something to do with the sharp practice of tricking people over the web. Finally, Richard gave up and we ordered a lovely cityscape that now hangs in our bedroom! The painting arrived just in time and it was even more beautiful than on the photo! Most importantly, we purchased it at a discount – it only cost us $300 instead of $800. And shipping was free. So if you still doubt whether to buy stuff – and paintings in particular – online, I can tell you only one thing: go for it!


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